What a luxury it is to play music that someone else has already gone to the trouble of writing! Performance has always been a wonderful antidote to composition for me, and I make an effort to play as wide a range of music as possible: solo, chamber, ensemble, old, new…

I am lucky to have been taught by two excellent piano teachers: Kate Elmitt when I was growing up in Hitchin, Herts (1985-92), and Karen Evans whilst I was a student in York (1992-96). Whilst at Harvard (1997-2002) I also received some tuition from Stephen Drury (New England Conservatory) and from Robert Levin.

My repertoire extends from Bach and Beethoven to Ligeti and Nancarrow, and performances have included a number of world premieres, including Camden Reeves’s Diablo Canyon, Kevin Malone’s M’Bongo and Peter Swinnen’s Edokaste (with Guy Danel, cello). Another notable premiere was of Prof. Barry Cooper’s new edition of Beethoven’s Sonata in C minor, Op. 111.

I have performed in the past with University of York New Music Ensemble (now called Chimera), the Harvard Group for New Music, and Alea III (a Boston-based ensemble), and more recently with soloists Helen Tonge (violin), Eric Robberecht (violin), Guy Danel (cello), and with the Quatuor Danel. As well as contributing to concert programmes at the University of Manchester, I perform each summer in the Concerts en nos Villages series in the Poitou region of France.

Performances in recent years include (with world premieres indicated by *):

Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Trios Op. 1 no. 3 and Op. 70 no. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Sonata Op.111 (world première of Barry Cooper’s new edition)

Ludwig van Beethoven – Cello Sonata, 102 no. 2 (with Guy Danel, cello)

Ludwig van Beethoven – Violin Sonatas Op. 23 and Op. 96 (with Helen Tonge, violin)

Ludwig van Beethoven – An die ferne Geliebte (with Jeremy Huw Williams, voice)

John Casken – Shadowed Pieces (with Helen Tonge and also with Eric Robberecht)

Chiu-Yu Chou – Fluid Ripple

*Tom Coult – Limp (with Helen Tonge, violin)

Henry Cowell – Tiger

Henry Cowell – Aeolian Harp

George Crumb – Four Nocturnes (with Eric Robberecht, violin)

Claude Debussy – Violin Sonata (with Eric Robberecht, violin)

Claude Debussy – Piano Trio (with Marc Danel and Guy Danel)

Ian Dickson – Solo ii

Alexander Goehr – Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 18

Toshio Hosakawa – Memory (with Eric Robberecht and Guy Danel)

Toshio Hosokawa – Nacht Klänge

Helmut Lachenmann – Ein Kinderspiel

Yuan-Chen Li – Youth Yet Young

*Chia-Ying Lin – Ink and Wash

Bruno Mantovani – Blue Girl with Red Wagon (with the Quatuor Danel)

*Camden Reeves – Gorgon’s Head (with Helen Tonge, violin)

*Camden Reeves – Diablo Canyon

Robert Schumann – Piano Quartet (with Eric Robberecht, Paul de Clerk and Guy Danel)

Robert Schumann – Piano Quintet (with Quatuor Danel)

Robert Schumann - Kinderszenen

Dmitri Shostakovich – Piano Quintet (with Quatuor Danel)

Igor Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring (with David Fanning, piano)

*Peter Swinnen – Edokaste (with Guy Danel, cello)

Peter Swinnen – Melopée (with Guy Danel, cello)

Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree Sketch

*Richard Whalley – Five Preludes

*Richard Whalley – Three Worlds

*Richard Whalley – Six Songs of Old Japanese Wisdom (with Jeremy Huw Williams, voice)

*Richard Whalley – Kokopelli (with John Turner, recorder)

Tsung-Hsien Yang – Albumblätter from Sansui Shack

Tsung-Hsien Yang – Sonata for Violin and Piano (with Marc Danel, violin)

Isang Yun – Five Pieces for Piano

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