New Sounds from Manchester

A feast for the Senses

Stunning and challenging works for string quartet all receiving their first recordings. The Quatuor Danel is the quartet in residence at the University of Manchester (England); all of the composers have strong links with the University too. Established composers John Casken and Philip Grange are joined by two of the new generation, Camden Reeves and Richard Whalley, with works of exceptional distinctiveness and inspiration.




A Feast for the Senses

A feast for the Senses

A brand new CD released in by Prima Facie Records featuring some truly exciting performances of the following works:

A Very Serious Game – performed by Ensemble 10/10
Ad Infinitum – performed by Caroline Balding (violin)
Tachophobia – performed by Oliver Coates (cello)
Intoxicating Orchids – performed by Vaganza Soloists
Three Worlds - performed by Richard Whalley

"a great collection of works by a serious and inquisitive composer" - Denis Joe Manchester Salon: read the full review here.

Preview tracks:

1. A Very Serious Game - House Of Stairs
2. A Very Serious Game - Three Worlds
3. A Very Serious Game - Metamorphosis
4. Tachophobia - Dark, Broody
5. Tachophobia - With Playful Rubato; Dance-Like - Driven; Possessed
6. Tachophobia - Cantablie
7. Tachophobia - Prestissimo
8. Ad Infinitum
9. Intoxicating Orchids - Stanhopea
10 Intoxicating Orchids - Acineta 1
11 Intoxicating Orchids - Encyclia
12 Intoxicating Orchids - Gongora
13 Intoxicating Orchids - Ceologyne
14 Intoxicating Orchids - Stanhopea
15 Three Worlds


Dreams and Dances

Dreams and Dances

A collection of works by composers represented by Prima Facie Records, some of which are to be found on other discs published by the label.

Three Worlds - Richard Whalley
Another Dream Carousel - Anthony Gilbert
Myriad Suite - Beth Wiseman
25 Variations - Giles Easterbrook
Two Dances from Mary Queen of Scots - John McCabe
Inventions and Fantasies - Camden Reeves
Future of an Illusion - Stephen Plews.




Songs Now

Dreams and Dances

A new CD, including Richard Whalley’s Six Songs of Old Japanese Wisdom now available on Meridian Records. Entitled Songs Now, the CD also includes songs by Tom Armstrong, Steve Crowther, David Lancaster, Mike Parkin, Peter Reynolds and William Rhys Meek, exquisitely performed by Paul Carey Jones (baritone) and Ian Ryan (piano).

Available at:

View the reveiw in Tempo, January 2013